Build long-lasting engagement in your business

  • Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Increase Productivity
  • More Profitability

Create Passion

Learn, discover, apply

The Employee Engagement Blueprint is an easy to read eBook that enables you to understand the factors that drive engagement, understand your performance against each of those drivers and build a plan to improve with a stepwise approach.

Happy Employees

Satisfied employees feel a greater connection to the company and are therefore more likely to produce quality work, which benefits the company as well as the customer.

Lower Turnover

If your team is happy then your turnover will decrease. This means less time and money recruiting and training new staff.

Higher Productivity

Engaged employees work faster, harder and stronger because they like what they do.

Increased Profit

When your staff work harder they produce more quality work which in the end points to a happy customer. Happy customers keep coming back and they refer other people to your company.


  • Why engagement is important to your business
  • How to build a case for investing time, effort and money into engagement
  • What elements drive engagement
  • How to measure engagement in your business
  • Running a survey


  • Communicating the results of your survey
  • Building action plans to drive up engagement
  • Internal Communication channels including digital and social tools
  • A suite of tools to help you run great focus groups and consultation exercises

Download the eBook to learn how to drive employee engagement and apply to YOUR business today.


"I loved it! This book will be a great tool for any leader or HR person who has comms on their plate but is not an expert, or for anyone new to the discipline.”
Global HR Director
Software Industry
"I loved this book. Really easy to read and full of clear, useful information."
Owner & Director
Small Business
“Kit and Caboodle it’s all here, off-the-shelf for the executive lead with the ‘why’, ‘what’ and then the tools to do the ‘how’ - all delivered in a straightforward no nonsense, easy-on-the-jargon style. Does it connect with me? Does it fire me up? Quite simply yes!”
National Executive & Local Branch Secretary
University & College Union

About the Author

Emma Alcock

Emma Alcock has worked in Corporate Communications for 24 years and has spent the majority of that time working to make businesses better places to work from the inside out.

From global leadership events to coffee shop focus groups Emma has enjoyed working in all aspects of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement and this book has been in her head for more than four years before finally making it onto (digital) paper!

Behind the Blueprint is a business called The Nutmeg Agency.

“I wanted to share the simple model that I use in organisations and give people a Blueprint to drive engagement for themselves. I know there will be a lot of growing businesses or organisations going through change who have a need to invest in engagement, but don’t know where to start and don’t have the resources to employ specialist. That’s where this guide steps in.”

Emma Alcock
  • 07495 134284

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